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Our Brands

At the heart of the Vanderbilt Group lies a diverse portfolio of brands that epitomize excellence, innovation, and the enduring legacy of the Vanderbilt name. From fashion and lifestyle to real estate and beyond, our brands carry forward Cornelius Vanderbilt's spirit of entrepreneurship and philanthropy into the modern era. Discover the distinct qualities and offerings of our prestigious brands:

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Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans

A pioneer in women's denim, Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans revolutionized the industry with its perfect blend of fit, style, and comfort. Created by Mohan Murjani and named after the American artist and socialite, these jeans symbolize empowerment and elegance, catering to women of all ages and sizes.

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Vanderbilt New York

Vanderbilt New York represents the pinnacle of luxury living, fashion, and accessories. Inspired by the sophistication of New York City and the Vanderbilt heritage of innovation, this brand offers exclusive collections that are timeless yet contemporary.

VDB - Our Brands 3 .png

Vanderbilt Estate

The Vanderbilt Estate brand brings the grandeur of the Vanderbilt family's historic properties to life. Offering a glimpse into America's golden age, it encompasses luxury real estate, hospitality, and lifestyle products that reflect the opulence and prestige of the Vanderbilt legacy.

VDB - Our Brands 4 .png

Vanderbilt America

Vanderbilt America merges timeless American elegance with contemporary flair, catering to the fashion-forward man. Our collection stands out with its commitment to quality, versatility, and cutting-edge design. It embodies the spirit of innovation and sophistication, offering a fresh perspective on menswear for today's discerning gentleman.

Each Vanderbilt brand is a beacon of quality and luxury, rooted in a rich history yet fully engaged with the modern world. We invite you to explore these brands and discover the Vanderbilt commitment to excellence, innovation, and societal contribution.

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